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Sweet Dreams in the Mind of a Serial Killer

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For a Limited Time Only. When you order a paperback  "Sweet Dreams"  from this website, receive a matching engraved Pen!  This offer is ONLY available through Water Forest Press. Signed copies are available. We'll even gift wrap your book with a beautiful ribbon, add a personalized greeting, and ship your gift to any USA address. No shipping or handling fees. Details here.


SWEET DREAMS  by January Valentine is a thrilling novel about a serial killer who is working his way up the east coast. Love Dreams' Leo Gibraldi is all grown up, and he's hot. Hot on the trail of the Sweet Dreams Psycho who took the life  of a past loved one. Leo is out for revenge, and with the help of detective Benjamin Cassidy, hopes to catch the bastard, nail him to a cross and burn him, something the Atlanta authorities consider an insult, and a threat. Leo and Ben travel out of their jurisdiction to visit a survivor who has a lot to tell. The women Leo encounters along the way can't keep their eyes, or their hands, off him. Last but not least, enter the killer who doesn't give a damn about women; he just wants them dead. Walk in a psycho's footsteps. Read his life story. View the world as he does, through distorted visions.  From start to finish, Sweet Dreams keeps the pages turning. Watch for the Kindle version on Amazon.com Published by Water Forest Press Books. Paperback will be available in July.

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