Recent References written by Water Forest Press and Valentine Press Authors



Victoria is very nice and does excellent work. My "proof copy" came a couple hours ago, and it's beautiful. First the cover. She gave me several choices of pictures and freedom to pick others. When I picked a picture, she enhanced it with her lettering. She asked my opinions and preference every step of the way, and through emails I saw everything she was doing. She proofed my book before printing it, and asked me about things that didn't seem right.. All final decisions were mine, but I couldn't have done it without her advice. We stayed in constant touch from beginning to end. She sent me a copy to proof thoroughly one final time. The copy is my book as it is. I love it. It is professionally and sturdily bound. Her craftsmanship and professionalism can't be beat, and her fee knocks everyone else out of

the ballpark. She works hard and has resources to help sell her own books and the books of her writers. And she's as fast as she is efficient. She told me that publishing is her passion. Poe said that poetry was his. I consider finding Victoria a turning point with my poems. - Joseph Hart (Motley Chaos)    March 17, 2012




Water Forest Press has now published two of my poetry books. I have gotten nothing but compliments on the layout, the beautiful covers, the stylistic font that fits the poetic themes so nicely. I have had books published in Boston, Ohio and Illinois before opting to work with Victoria Valentine at Water Forest in Stormville, NY...and I am just thrilled with the results. I could not be prouder of the look and feel of the finished product. The cover art is fantastic, the colors striking. Couldn't imagine a better packaging for my work. I highly recommend if you want to publish a novel or book of poetry, contact Victoria at Water Forest Press. Your book will look exquisitely professional.

jacob erin-cilberto (author of Used Lanterns) February 15, 2012




In 2003 I had the great fortune of stumbling upon Skyline Magazine. Since then I've had 12 stories and two novels published in its various imprints, which have evolved into Water Forest and Valentine Presses. It is thrilling to see one's work handled so professionally. Victoria Valentine is deeply committed to issuing first class books. Writers are unlikely to find a more rewarding experience in the sphere of small press. - Vic Fortezza, author of Close to the Edge, Adjustments, A Hitch in Twilight and Killing      March 10, 2012