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Love Dreams

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Love Dreams Romantic Drama 350 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0984957330


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She's a beautiful wreck who hates men, but loves animals.  Beaten and left for dead, she suffers from night terrors. When she keeps running into a gorgeous guy things heat up, but memories of abuse dampen the fire.

He's handsome. He's wealthy. He's in a wheelchair. His entire life has changed, and the past months have been hell. But there's a bright spot in Michael's life: Sienna, an adorable klutz who seems to always be falling, so why can't she fall for him?  He offers her a ride, not his lap, but that's where she ends up when he comes to her aid after she's had too much to drink. This is the beginning of the hit and miss love affair: He blows it the first time. She blows it the second.

Roadblocks: Whether it's a doctor who won't take no for an answer, a family emergency,  or a big mouth girlfriend who thinks she knows what's best for Sienna, there always seems to be something to stand in their way. The road is bumpy, filled with dreams and desires, awkward run-ins, and deliciously steamy encounters. Is there anything, short of a miracle, that could bring these two struggling souls together?

If you're in the mood for a lighthearted contemporary romance for adults, you may be interested in Love Dreams, Romance and Drama. Like life, this story has its humorous moments. Seriously Graphic Sexual Content. Mature Audience Only.






I have to say a big “Wow” to Victoria Valentine’s book Love Dreams.  The book starts out with a pretty steamy dream sequence and as a reader we might say, “oh this kind of book!”

But then the story line just sizzles from there, with or without the sex.  The characters come across with such force we can’t help but identify with them, in a good way or bad.  The heroine is someone who, for me, grew as a character.  I was not fond of her personality or choices early on, but she became much stronger as the novel went on.  I migrated from wanting to slap her to wanting to hug her.

As for the male characters, Michael is so endearing.  He is not always a sweet guy, given his limitations, but he is someone we can sympathize with and later on in the story, empathize with.  As for Trainer, the other male character, he was someone I disliked from the beginning, maybe because I was pulling for Sienna and Michael and my heart overrode my mind.  It seems that Trainer is really a pretty normal guy, competing for the heart of a woman, no differently than anyone else would.  Like a rollercoaster ride, this book is an up and down array of emotions.  We feel sure the ending will be what we want, and yet...as we traverse the story we become not so sure.  The mystery is nicely mixed with the romance and creates several levels of enjoyment.

The novel has exceptional pace and this novelist gives us such vivid description that we feel we are there in the story.  We visualize the characters and the settings, and the dialogue is snappy and engaging.

It is page turner, and kept me immersed in its velocity from page 1 until the very last word.

I highly recommend this read.  Victoria Valentine never fails to touch our hearts with her writing, whether it be a poem, a short story or as in this case, a novel.


jacob erin-cilberto

(author of “an Abstract Waltz”)




January Valentine takes her reader on an incredible journey and weaves a compelling tale in her new novel, Love Dreams. Her authentic and tangible characters come alive because we come to care about them. Her heroine, Sienna, grows and develops as the story moves forward…becoming confident and learning how to move past personal tragedy to find happiness and fulfillment. We can’t help but cheer her on, cry with her when she hurts and be happy for her when she overcomes adversity and heartbreak.
This story has it all: danger, suspense, passion, betrayal, and triumph over tragedy. But January’s writing transcends the ordinary with descriptions and imagery that are simply beautiful. Her proven skill as a poet is evidenced in her prose, showing that she can excel in any genre.
A rip-roaring good story…a novel to get lost in, and read over and over again.
~Review by Jill Lapin Zell

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