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At the Stroke of Midnight 24 tales of terror

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Reviews for At The Stroke of Midnight

"Steven Manchester and Victoria Valentine's extraordinary use of verbiage has created yet another remarkable and entertaining collection of stories -- with images that only Manchester and Valentine could paint. The enjoyment of their dark and twisted tales runs deep. From detailed terrors to unexpected thrills, both authors understand what it takes to be a horror writer. An irresistible read!"
- Victor Franko, Filmmaker / Author (RI)
"Victoria Valentine & Steve Manchester have given us a haunting and powerful collection of twenty-four stories -- stories that are eerie and unforgettable and at times quirky and funny. But take my word, you will not be smiling at the end. Take that to the bank !!!!
AT THE STROKE OF MIDNIGHT is ambitious and should be read before and after Halloween if one desires to be creeped.  Do what I did: Turn off the lights, burn some candles, and then sit and read. Be prepared for a scary and strange trip.
What can I say about the short HOUSEGUEST ? It is one of the best short stories I have ever read with its blend of sickness and humor. It's very dark and before you know it you are swimming in a pool of bloody horror. 
This book is excellent! It's suspenseful and the authors use very vivid descriptions to build you up to the frightful moments. It was a very interesting and entertaining read, and I would have liked to read more. This book was a real page-turner. I would suggest this book to anybody who likes October 31st."
- Patrick J Barry, Film Editor (CA)

At the Stroke of Midnight is a haunting collection of short stories and poems from the talented pens of Steven Manchester and Victoria Valentine. Together, these two have the power to thrill, scare and murder their way through delightfully old-fashioned ‘tales of terror’ a la Poe, until the reader doesn’t know what to expect.

Eerily wicked tales of the macabre keep the reader turning the pages, waiting for the next thrill of sigh of relief, depending on which story is being read. Reading these tales reminded this reader/reviewer of nights spent anxiously watching episodes of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone and Night Gallery… wanting to be scared and not quite certain you are happy about it when the time comes.

Well written short stories combined with wonderfully macabre poetry that somehow evokes memories of such masters as Shelly or Stoker provide hours of daytime reading enjoyment. A treat for the senses, At the Stroke of Midnight is a book that definitely must be read again and again.

- Denise M. Clark, Book Reviewer (  )


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